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5 Keys to Modern Mindfulness

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Unleash your Inner Peace
With this FREE 5 step guide you'll discover the keys to cultivating inner peace, reducing stress, and how to conquer life's challenges through Modern Mindfulness!


Love Mastery!

Our Featured Program LOVE MASTERY is designed to help you create deep connection, fierce commitment, and fiery passion in just 6 weeks! Based on decades of research couples experience breakthroughs and shifts FAST - even if only one of them goes through the course! 


Private Coaching

Looking for a highly individualized approach to overcoming challenges and personal growth? Have you completed one of our courses and are ready for the next level of life or relationship fulfillment? Then Private Coaching is for you! 


Unleash Your Divine Feminine!

In Unleash your Divine Feminine you will expand your potential for experiencing a more fullness of love and passion, creative self expression and a meaningful contribution in this world. Learn the art of realizing your dreams through feminine energy, instead of the ...


Deep Connections FREE mini Parenting Course

Parenting is our most challenging and most rewarding experience in life. Learn from 4 different parenting experts on how to deepen your connection, discipline without yelling, and we even included tools for blended families!


Transformational Forgiveness

Whether you study any ancient spiritual text, or have taken any personal development course, forgiveness is going to be on the menu. We all know we "should" forgive, but did anyone ever teach you how? Most of the time the answer to that is no. In just 4...


Modern Meditation

Ever wondered what meditation can do for you? Do you want to experience inner peace, love and gratitude on levels you haven't felt before? Do you want more direction and focus in life? You can Create a better life in every area and improve your relationships even more by ...


Unleash Your Alpha Male

Designed on its own or to go along with Love Mastery. The Unleash your Alpha Male program will assist you in diving deeper into the art of masculinity, and how unleashing this energy will dramatically improve your drive, your goal getting and even chemistry with your lady! 


Advanced Energy*

Earth is ascending to a higher plane of existence, requiring transcendent level living from those who desire to take part.  This ascended Earth will enjoy a thousand-year condition of peace, a golden age.  What can you do to be a part of this monumental great shift?

Energy!  Do you want more of it? Come learn about some principles that are affecting the whole world. Some topics we will discuss in this class include: Higher laws of the Universe and Ascendant Body Health.

*This class is "by invitation only"


"Debbie facilitated my growth in amazing ways; not just as a "healer", but she empowered me to help myself."

Sierra V - AZ

"Debbie was the best decision I ever made. I noticed major improvements immediately! Everyone should have an awesome life coach like her!"

Jay C - UT

"Debbie changed my life in profound ways. I finally feel connected to my Higher Power and now I can trust the answers I am hearing."

Janice W - CA

"Debbie has helped me understand how to change my deeply rooted beliefs and how to replace them with Christ centered truths that help me achieve the life I want! "

Rachel H - UT

"Just one session with Debbie benefited me in so many ways. She gave me tools to get through life's hardships with peace and understanding in my heart."

Tricia A - UT

"My sessions with Debbie were priceless for my overall well being. She helped me heal physically, emotionally and spiritually."

Jenni C - UT

"Debbie helped clear the blocks that kept me from really moving forward. I'm a better husband and father & even my work life improved. She is amazing!"

John Y - ID

"I feel so good - happy and peaceful. I am in a spiritual buzz - no words can express it. I am so glad to have this experience - Thank you so much Debbie!"

Gaye P - ID

Don't delay, start experiencing your new life today!

Live your purpose. Experience more personal power in life. Have passionate and fulling relationships. Refocus your life's goals. Overcome and move past any challenge! Coach Debbie is here to help!


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