Finding Magic

relationships Jan 27, 2019

Monday was my daughters 18th birthday. Saturday night as she was getting ready for senior prom she turned to me and said “this is my last night of childhood.”

I nodded and said "yep".

She finished getting ready. The boy showed up in his tux. We took the pictures, and off they went. I didn’t expect to hear from her again until she got home.

However ten minutes before midnight I got a text from her that said “ Mom ten min until I’m an adult”

I wrote back “I know!” With a bunch of Happy birthday symbols.

Then she replied………

 “I’m actually nervous”........

Now we’ve had lots of talks over the years about choosing how to see things, and how to adjust our perception. Every moment we can actually choose whether we are in fear, or in faith. And every second is a chance to choose again.

So I responded with “Just choose to enjoy your prom and the moment right now”

A min later I followed up by telling her we would have midnight pancakes when she gets home from the dance.

When she got home she was glowing. She had had a perfect evening of a fancy dinner at Market Street Grill, followed by dancing in a ball gown at the capitol building. She told me the moment they walked down the grand staircase together she felt like a princess. Especially when they started playing 'Beauty and the Beast'.

Then she shared how midnight had been approaching and she really had started getting nervous as her thoughts began to race around the potentially hard aspects of growing up……I’ll be on my own soon, needing to work and pay bills and pick a major and a career…..she said she was even getting to the point where it was starting to affect her breathing, till I had sent her that tiny little reminder that she can choose how she wants to view a situation and how she wants to feel.

So as she switched her thinking from fear into faith, she actually began to grow more and more excited! She began to think of all the amazing things coming up in her life. She started listing the things she would be able to do when the clock struck midnight and when it did she told me she shouted it out to all the dancing couples around her, “I am now 18! I am now 18!!!”

Now the simple phrase I had sent her, to remind her to just enjoy her moment, instead of worrying about things that aren’t even happening, wouldn’t necessarily have worked for everyone. There was training and background behind that statement. She already had the knowing and understanding of the principles, so a short and simple sentence could do the trick.

However someone else could have gotten that text message “Just enjoy your prom” and been quite annoyed and felt like I was not validating their feelings. Which is true and justified for them from their perspective. As you talk to other people, please remember to be cognizant of where they are at on their journey and that they do not have the same awareness and understanding that you do.

If she hadn’t had the background of years of mom teaching her mentoring principles, it could have taken a lot more encouragement to get her out of fear based thinking into a positive mindset. And she could have missed that magical midnight moment when the clock struck 12, and there she was in a ball room, dressed to the nines, dancing the night away like Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. She could have been stuck in fear and missed the magic.

Don’t miss your magic moments dwelling on a fear of something that may or may not even actually happen! Look for the beauty all around. Find the good in everything. Choose to move yourself from fear into faith. Every second is a chance to choose again. It’s up to you how you want to feel about things and how you want to see the world. See the magic!


*Remember you are not meant to go through life alone! If you want helping transforming fear into faith so that you can have more magic moments in your life, book your complimentary strategy session now! You'll be so glad you did.

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