It took Courage to even begin the relationship, didn’t it? Remember those butterflies and those nerves when you first met?
It takes courage to keep going through the challenges, because every relationship will have them. No one is exempt. It takes courage to face them together and not run away and hide or withdraw.

2. Commitment 

Everyone wants to know that someone has their back. They want to know that you’ll never leave. I invite you to take an honest gut check here. Are you really leaning all the way in? Or are you holding back? You may think you have justified “reasons” for holding back. But I guarantee you that your partners heart can feel it and this is causing the disconnect that you actually want to overcome.
Does anything in life work well with out 100% commitment? Think about your diet or your exercise or your business or your other relationships? What are your results if you only dabble instead of commit? If you want to experience the love and connection that you both deserve, then commit and lean in 100%

3. Capabilities

We are not born with perfect relationship skills. We come to this planet a blank slate, being taught after the patterns of our parents. So unless they were relationship expert’s and model the absolute perfect relationship that you long to have, you both deserve to level up your relationship capabilities by learning some new skills. Most of our relationship challenges and drama disappear easily when we invest in a bit of education in this area.

4. Confidence

Having confidence in your relationship and in your partner is what brings true joy, love, and deep connection. It builds the foundation for that fiery passion for each other. You get to number 4 naturally by working on the first 3.
If you don’t have the relationship that you want, what are you willing to do the work towards it? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Those who want something bad enough will find a way. And those who don’t, will find an excuse.
All the love, connection, and passion you desire is within your reach. It’s possible for everyone.