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What makes my Hypnotherapy different?

I incorporate the use of subconscious reprogramming with life coaching techniques to achieve amazing results - You’ll reach your goals faster and have a long lasting change!

Our sessions are highly advanced, extremely unique to each individuals needs, and have quick noticeable results!

Debbie has helped hundreds of kids, teens and adults move past patterns that have kept them stuck and helped them break free. She loves helping others move out of pain and create a life of power, purpose, passion and prosperity!

How does it work, and can it help me?


Hypnotherapy is a method of moving specific information from one part of the mind to another. By relaxing the conscious part of the mind the subconscious must take over and when that happens, using various techniques, we can create new instincts and new attitudes.

For the most part, it's just a process of getting your body deeply relaxed, while your mind gets more focused. Then, once you are in hypnosis, it's about interacting with your subconscious mind to get it to agree that it is in your over all best interest to agree with the behaviors that will bring about the changes you desire in your life.

What to Expect

Hypnotherapy is a calm, relaxing and peaceful way to overcome your challenges and transform your life. Most issues are resolved in just 4-6 sessions!

Week 1. I will spend a large portion of the time teaching you "The Theory of the Mind" and how it works will your specific challenge. Then based off of the new reality, we will create a customized self-hypnosis meditation for you to listen to at home. This begins working immediately. Some people see massive changes right after the first session,

Week 2. On week two we will begin with an evaluation of improvements you've been having since the first session. 

After that we will take a deep dive into the ISE - (initial sensitizing event) that formed this program to run in your subconscious, and heal the inner wound, addressing it at the source. 

Week 3. We will move onto healing the secondary gains the mind may have created around the current subconscious program. After that is cleared up, clients usually experience quite a palpable feeling of being "lighter" as if a weight has been lifted.

Week 4. We will move in the direction of what is needed for you at this time. Most of the time the issue is resolved entirely, and so we do a little integration and confidence boosting in session.

Cancelation Policy

"Working with Debbie was the best decision I ever made! I quit smoking (after 40 years) in the first 2 sessions with NO withdrawal symptoms at all!"

Jason D.
Salt Lake City, UT

"Debbie Hart facilitated my growth in amazing ways; not just as a "healer", but she empowered me to help myself. I highly recommend her."

Sierra V.
Phoenix, AZ

"My sessions with Debbie have been profoundly transforming! She helped me change my deeply rooted beliefs and how to replace them with higher truths."

Rachel H.
West Jordan, UT

"Just one session with Debbie benefited me in so many ways. She gave me tools to get through life's hardships with peace and understanding in my heart."

Tricia A.
Sandy, UT

"The sessions I did with Debbie were priceless for my overall well being. I was a bit of a skeptic before, but her methods really helped me heal in many areas of my life."

Jenni C
Highland UT

"Debbie helped clear the blocks that kept me from really moving forward. I'm a better husband and father & even my work life improved drastically. She is amazing!"

John Y.
Pocatello, ID

"I feel so good -happy and peaceful. I am in a spiritual buzz-no words can express it. I am so glad to have this experience- Thanks you so much Debbie!"

Gaye P.
Idaho Falls, ID

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