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The 4 Pillars of Transformation Success

Education. Strategies. Experience. Resources.

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Pillar 1. Education

  1. Increasing your knowledge and awareness is the first step to creating massive and lasting changes. In order to be, do, or have something different than you currently experience, it is going to first require a new education and an upgrade to your mindset.

    My education process consists of three parts.

    1. Holistic. In working with hundreds of clients over the last 15 years I have found the biggest transformations occur in my clients when we work on a holistic level. This includes body, mind and spirit. All three aspects will be included in each session, but in a way that works best for you. Everything is client centered, meaning it can be adjusted according to your own unique belief systems and learning styles.
    2. Multi-sensory. I teach in a variety of learning styles so that your discovery, learning, and transformation needs are met in the best way for you. Each session is customized to what works best for you. There will also be a variety of exercises that involve the 5 senses for a heightened learning experience.
    3. Immersion. Many studies show that people learn better by fully immersing themselves in a topic for shorter more intense periods of time, rather than minimal spurts dragged out for weeks, months or years. This is why traditional therapy often take so long, and why hypnotherapy is extremely fast. 


Pillar 2. Proven Strategies

  1. I incorporate a lot of positive psychology in the sessions, programs, training and education, but this is only part of the equation. You must have the proper strategies and tools to create real change.

  2. Imagine that your car got a flat tire on the side of the road. Affirmations such as “My tire is full of air” is obviously not going to work. Neither is getting out a crow bar. You need a Proven Strategy  -proper tools plus techniques. We begin with the 3 step education process, and then we dive into incorporating the proven strategies to produce the changes desired.


Pillar 3. Experiential Training

  1. Knowledge alone does not produce lasting change. Application and experience do.

    When was the last time you read a self-help book? You probably felt happy and excited for a few days…. but did it create lasting change? Probably not. ALL of our sessions and programs are experiential so that you can fully engage in the transformation process. What this means is that in the exercises portions of the programs you will be given different kinds of activities to do. As you do each one they are designed to ignite different parts of your brain, your body, and/or your emotions so that the training becomes alive and ingrained in you. This also makes the program lots of fun!

  2.  What are the benefits of experiential learning?

    Here are five distinct advantages experiential learning has over traditional  methods.
    • Ability to immediately apply knowledge. ...
    • Access to real-time  feedback. ...
    • Promotion of couples teamwork and communication skills. ...
    • Development of reflective practice habits.
    • Accomplishments are obvious.


Pillar 4. Resources

  1. We have compiled many different resources for your transformation. My team and I spend countless hours researching only the best of the best. We care deeply about assisting you to live your best life full of excitement, joy and passion!

    Every week we will send you inspiration and ideas in our Life and Love Essentials Newsletter and blog.

    Your environment dramatically affects how you feel, so we will also occasionally recommend empowering, products you can choose to add to your environment or daily routine to uplift, inspire and ignite the changes you desire.



    I have also put together several unique, specialized training's and programs with these 4 Pillars of Successful Transformation. I call these parts of the Life and Love Essentials experience, to amplify your relationships personal empowerment.

    Divine Feminine and Inner Alpha are extremely good as an add on to Love Mastery or standalone courses to greatly increase your personal and relationship empowerment. In these programs’ individuals discover how it feels to own your unique feminine or masculine energy. This not only improves your chemistry and romance even further, but you will also rise to new heights of personal achievement as you get in tune with your energetic essence.

    Relationship Rescue is a good add on to Love Mastery or can also be a standalone program if you and your partner have encountered some severe struggles between you two that deserves some extra support and TLC. If the relationship has encountered break ups, infidelity, or one or both partners is ready to run we have some healing resources in this program for you.

    Transformational Forgiveness is a powerful transformation must have. Every person alive is going to have struggles with other human beings. It’s how you experience them, the meaning you place on the situations, and what you do next that will either make you or break you. Shaking up and breaking up old patterns and paradigms is the name of the game here. Life will never be the same when you fully embrace authentic, genuine forgiveness. Live in a space of inner peace and diving wisdom. Experience healing, growth and unity like never before.

           Modern Meditation is full of research, tools and guided meditations for your personal fulfillment. Learn how meditation can decrease stress, anxiety and fear naturally. Discover increase health, longevity, inner peace, deeper intuition and more! 

           1 on 1 Sessions gives you access to customized personal hypnotherapy and healing session. This highly unique and customized package will be designed personally just for you. An application process is required and availability is extremely limited. 

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